COTA is expanding its McKinley Avenue Bus Maintenance and Storage Facility, and Marker needs great subcontractors to partner with us on this project. The project will include complete modernization of the existing offices and bus service facility, including building and a complete re-cladding of the building exterior.

The construction value is $45,000,000 and includes selective site & building demo, site & building concrete, structural & miscellaneous metals, rough & finish carpentry, new or refurbished roof (approx., 360,000 SF), metal wall panels, thermal & moisture protection, aluminum framing & glass, doors/frames/hardware, metal stud framing & drywall, acoustic ceilings, painting, vehicular service equipment, elevators, fire suppression, plumbing, HVAC, electrical & technology, earthwork, utilities, exterior improvements, paint booth and material handling and storage equipment.


Bids will be received via e-mail ( or facsimile (visit our website at until 10:00 AM, EST on Friday, April 23, 2021. Bids will be opened privately.

Invited Bidders:

Marker Construction will receive bids from invited firms for the following bid packages:

BP 2.01 – Selective Site & Building Demolition
BP 2.02- Underground Storage Tank Removal
BP 3.0 – Building Concrete
BP 4.0 – Masonry
BP 5.0 – Structural & Miscellaneous Metals
BP 6.0 – General Trades
BP 7.01 – Roofing
BP 7.02 – Metal Wall Panels
BP 7.03 – Waterproofing & Sealants
BP 8.0 – Aluminum Framing, Glass & Translucent Panels
BP 9.01 – Metal Stud Framing, Drywall & Acoustic Ceilings
BP 9.02 – Flooring
BP 9.03 – Painting
BP 10.0 – Storage Equipment, Shelving & Shop Equipment
BP 11.0 – Vehicular Service Equipment
BP 13.0 – Metal Building Systems
BP 14.0 – Elevators
BP 21.0 – Fire Suppression
BP 22.0 – Plumbing
BP 23.0 – HVAC Systems & Controls
BP 26.0 – Electrical & Technology
BP 31.01 – Earthwork & Utilities
BP 31.02 – Caissons
BP 32.01 – Asphalt Paving
BP 32.02 – Site Concrete
BP 32.03 – Fencing
BP 32.04 – Landscaping & Site Furnishings
BP 41.01 – Crane & Fall Protection
BP 41.02 – Paint Booth
BP 41.03 – Forklift Trucks

Project Schedule:

Construction is expected to start June 2021 with completion in October 2022.

Lead Estimator:

Todd Rieser, who can be reached at


Electronic Bid Documents will be available to all bidders at no cost by contacting Marker at or calling 614.754.8349. Bid documents may also be available for review online at the Builders Exchange – Please contact Marker’s office for directions to access the drawings.

Other Notes:

This project is tax-exempt and subject to Davis-Bacon prevailing wage rates.
Subcontractors, Suppliers, Consultants, etc. are subject to the obligations of the Construction Manager’s Agreement with the Owner.

COTA has established an 18% DBE participation goal and Marker is committed to meeting or exceeding this goal. All bidders are requested to also meet this participation goal for their respective bid values. All qualifying DBE contractors must have received designation through the DOT Unified Certification Program (UCP) to be recognized as qualified to meet our participation goal.

We also encourage other EDGE, MBE, WBE, DBE, and all other minority participation. Marker is an equal opportunity employer and partner.

Bidders wishing to work on this project must complete Marker’s prequalification process prior to being awarded a subcontract. Contact Jordan Spano via email, or call (614)754-8349 for more information.

By submitting their bid, bidders expressly represent that they have thoroughly examined the bid documents and examined the existing conditions. Bids may not be withdrawn for a period of sixty (60) days after the bid date.