Founded in Columbus, Ohio in 2003, Women for Economic and Leadership Development (WELD) is a national organization offering programs and events designed to develop women’s business and leadership skills, expand their community connections, and provide them with opportunities to pay forward their successes. A volunteer-based organization with a mission to develop and advance women’s leadership, WELD offers a variety of programs and events that provide leadership development opportunities for women at all levels of their organization.

Marie Nicol, our Safety Manager, recently graduated from the Spring 2022 WELD Pathway to Management Program (WPMP)! This intensive six-month program is specifically designed to prepare women and women of color to be successful as managers and leading teams in the workplace. While Marie was engaged in the program, she earned an outstanding promotion to Safety Manager! We are proud of this accomplishment and her motivation and willingness to further develop her skillset.

Please enjoy this special message from Marie:

“The WPMP has been an eye-opening journey to self-awareness on how to be a better leader and peer. The program’s expert instructors, who are true mentors and leaders in their respective industries, genuinely want to see each participant succeed. They not only cheer you on through each session but throughout your career.

“Thanks, in part, to WELD’s Pathway to Management Program as well as the learning and development opportunities provided to me by Marker, I was recently promoted to Safety Manager. Throughout my career, Marker has not only consistently provided opportunities for me to increase my involvement within the industry, but they have encouraged them. WELD’s six-month program has taught me skills that extend beyond the classroom and, because of my participation, I can better engage with Marker associates and other industry professionals.

“Not only is Marker a leader when it comes to how they strengthen, develop, and advance their associates, but they are also committed to supporting the development of women so they have the skill set and confidence to achieve their career aspirations. Through her support and passion for others, Alison Marker, our President and CEO, has helped pave the way for the women of Marker.”

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