Marker Construction is thrilled to announce the company has achieved the prestigious Platinum level of the ABC STEP (Safety Training Evaluation Process) award for the fifth time in the past six years. This remarkable achievement underscores our commitment to safety and exceptional track record of fostering secure work environments.

The Platinum level, which Marker has consistently achieved, is a significant accomplishment and testament to our dedication to maintaining the highest safety standards. It signifies our ability to consistently meet and exceed the stringent criteria set by the ABC STEP program. Achieving the Platinum designation indicates Marker has not only established solid safety practices but has also maintained and improved upon them over time.

Marie Nicol, Marker’s Safety Manager, succinctly captures the significance of this accomplishment: “Our repeated success in securing the Platinum ABC STEP award reflects our unwavering commitment to safety. It’s a true testament to our team’s dedication and the company’s culture of putting safety first in everything we do.”

This recognition supports our reputation as a reliable and responsible construction firm that places safety at the forefront of our operations. Thank you to all of our associates for making safety a priority each and every day!

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