Celebrating Fall Service Awards 2022Marker Construction was proud to honor six associates at our Fall Service Awards! The semi-annual awards celebration is an opportunity for Marker associates, retirees, and families to recognize the talent, value, accomplishments, and successes these individuals have brought to our organization.

Celebrating a combined 90 years of service, the associates being honored have made many meaningful contributions throughout their careers. Their dedication and commitment to our core values deserves to be celebrated!

Thank you for your contributions and all you do! We look forward to many more years together!

The following associates were honored:

Eric Hickey | Celebrating 25 Years

With over 40 years in the construction industry, Eric has a hands-on management style that emphasizes team building, communication, and attention to detail. Known for his calm, thoughtful demeanor, Eric is unflappable. Throughout his career at Marker, Eric has worked in many departments, serving wherever his skills and leadership were needed most. From Superintendent to Project Manager, to leading the Project Management team, to leading Field Operations, Eric is now Vice President of Field Operations and leads a team of 70 strong. Eric is dedicated and committed to doing what is in the best interest of our people and the company.

Matt Penhorwood | Celebrating 25 Years

Like many of our Superintendents, Matt has worked his way up through the ranks and has gained tremendous experience along the way. With a strong understanding of what it takes to complete a project on-time, within budget, and with the greatest regard for quality and safety, Matt is known for turning challenges into growth opportunities. We value his commitment towards continual improvement and professional development.

Patrick Canter | Celebrating 15 Years

Fifteen years ago, Patrick joined Marker just out of high school. He was young, inexperienced, and unsure of where a career in construction would lead him. Since those early days with Marker, Patrick grown into a reliable, resourceful, and dedicated Superintendent. His commitment to his fellow associates, the company, and his craft are unmistakable. Patrick continues to push himself to grow and learn, striving to always improve and accomplish more. Known throughout the company for turning mistakes into learning opportunities, Patrick’s mindset has resulted in tremendous growth opportunities, and he has proven himself as a leader in the field.

Alison Marker | Celebrating 10 Years

As President and CEO, Alison is known for being thoughtful, compassionate, and for being committed to the organization and its people. Alison provides vision and steady leadership, and her impact at Marker has been transformative. After 10 years in the mental health industry, Alison left her career in private practice as a psychotherapist to join the construction firm in 2012. Her background working with people on their growth and development has provided her a strong foundation and perspective for the organization’s focus on recruiting and development. She has a strong drive and is eager to provide opportunities for others to grow, succeed, and achieve their goals. As a third-generation family member, Alison carriers on the values and ethics that Marker has been known for throughout their 66 years of business.

Bob Fain | Celebrating 10 Years

Bob’s extensive experience as a finish carpenter has cultivated his attention to detail and his emphasis on finishing touches, which sets him apart. Known for consistently making positive contributions on projects, Bob is dependable, trustworthy, and is 100% committed to his craft. Bob’s work ethic and calm demeanor sets an excellent example to all associates.

Brooks Wallace | Celebrating 5 Years

Since Brooks first started at Marker, his work ethic and drive were evident. Prior to Marker, Brooks began his career as a Laborer, then a Machine Operator, to Foreman, to Construction Manager, and is now a Project Manager. This well-rounded experience, coupled with a unique ability to manage and communicate with all audiences, has earned Brooks a commanding presence on the job site. Brooks has cultivated a unique ability to perform as the liaison between client and contractors.