Project Description


Established in 1935 in Tokyo, Topre Corporation is a global company that uses advanced technology to supply a variety of high-performance components and products to different industries, including automobiles, temperature-controlled logistics, air conditioning systems and electronic equipment.

Their growth has demanded expansion overseas, including building a new factory in Alabama in 2004. Due to growth in the auto industry, expansion in the Ohio region was a top priority. Teaming with Marker in 2017 to expedite the construction of their Springfield, Ohio plant was a clear choice.

The construction of the new 185,000 SF stamping and assembly plant came with some extraordinary challenges. Such as installing 27’ deep press pits, which was situated in bedrock… meaning we needed to blast through the bedrock to install the pits. And to get the project done on time and under budget, it needed to be constructed through extreme winter weather conditions.


The first phase of work (54,000 SF of operational space for assembly) was completed in just 4 months, including the design and master planning for the next planned phase of work. Strong planning, commitment, teamwork, and copious amounts of literal dynamite was needed to accomplish this awesome project. The second phase (131,000 SF) was completed in the following 10 months and included 3,000-ton and 1,000-ton presses, two 160 ft 20-ton overhead cranes, and two 140 ft 20-ton overhead cranes. We placed concrete foundation, structural walls and tunnel tops through the winters, as well as coordinated and installed the 70 ft tall building structure.

The end structure is impressive to the eye and was delivered on time and under budget. One of the innovative strategies implemented during the project was the team’s foresight to crush all the blasted bed rock into usable stone for project. The team processed the stone into 2 different sizes used for back fill of the pits and tunnels and stone cushion under the slabs-on-grade and all roads and laydown areas. Doing this saved the client well over $500,000!

The massive success has also spurred our partnership forward. A third (180,000 SF) and fourth phase (80,000 SF) are in progress.


“Marker Construction has continually challenged the industry standards regarding sequencing of work to find the most efficient and productive process for all involved. This was instrumental in our ability to beat the schedule for our new plant to open and produce for our clients. We found that their ability to clearly communicate their plan and strategy exceeded our previous experiences.

On behalf of Topre America, we are pleased to have chosen Marker to construct this impressive new facility that will deliver a wonderful experience to hundreds of thousands of people in the coming years. It is a project and structure that can make all proud and Marker Construction made it happen.”

– Pete Steiner, Topre America – Springfield